Dental Hygiene Programme

Hygiene Programme 

It is now widely accepted by dental hygienists and the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy that 45-minute dental hygiene sessions are more beneficial to patients. Longer sessions achieve better short and long term clinical results and help maintain a patient’s optimal dental health over a lifetime. Most progressive hygiene-centred practices now only offer 45-minute hygiene sessions as the gold standard minimum appointment time.


Marshgate Dental Practice is committed to patient-centred clinical excellence and as such will be taking the step to introduce 45-minute hygiene sessions only. This will come as good news to an increasing number of patients who have requested longer hygiene sessions and have been booking double 30-minute sessions.


The extended clinical time given to each patient will allow increased clinical assessment of the patient’s oral hygiene and gum condition which is fundamental to planning the oral hygiene programme and monitoring the gum and oral health condition over time. The extended appointment time will allow for more clinical instrumentation and treatment and more detailed bespoke oral hygiene instruction including co-discovering the optimal cleaning aids and adjunctive therapy to maintain good oral hygiene between visits.


The fee for a hygiene session will increase with the introduction of the new dental hygiene programme to £85.


Marshgate Dental Practice is committed to clinical excellence and at the same time aware of affordability and this has been taken into consideration. For comparison here are a few of the surrounding dental practices 45-minute hygiene session fees: 1./ Whitehouse Dental in Kew £97.50, 2./ Gill Dental in Richmond £95, 3./ Richmond Green Dental in Richmond £90, 4./ Roseneath Dental Practice in Richmond £95.


We believe that Marshgate patients will feel the short and long term benefits of a more comprehensive dental hygiene programme. Numerous patients have already changed over to our new programme and their feedback was very positive.


This programme will be introduced on Monday, the 30th July 2018.


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