Dentistry and medication

Why do you need to tell your dentist about all the medication you use?

With the medical profession changing as it has, we are able to keep people alive for longer with this said more and more patients are now using medication daily. Lots of these medications will interact with some of the medications your dentist uses. Certain medications will also alter the treatments your dentist is able to carry out on you.

One major group of medications which is of concern for dentists is bisphosphonates (this type of medication alters the way your bones heal). With certain forms of bisphosphonates treatments, it is crucial that invasive dentistry involving the bones around the teeth ie extractions or gum surgery is carried out before even starting the bisphosphonates treatment. It is also very important that regular check ups are done while on bisphosphonates to make sure that extractions and gum surgery can try be avoided. The complications of needing extractions or gum surgery while on bisphosphonates can be very serious and can be very difficult to treat so trying to prevent extractions and gum surgery is the ideal.

It is very important that you tell your dentist about all the medication you use even if it is only once a week or everyday and maintain your regular dental check ups because prevention is better than cure.


Malcolm Raymond BChD (Pretoria)