From Black To White

Many people have had silver amalgam that they now feel are unsightly. These can be easily changed to make a dramatic difference to your smile.

Small fillings, like those shown here, are suitable for simple white composite resin fillings. If a tooth requires a larger filling, like those in the second photo, we recommend a higher strength porcelain inlay or onlay. These are bonded to the tooth, strengthening and protecting the tooth without the need for a crown. They are more natural looking and last longer than crowns and there are no black lines at the margin as the restoration are metal-free.

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Black to white fillings

Porcelain Inlays and Onlays




Same Day Restoration Solution

“Elliot showed me that my tooth had recurrent decay around an old metal filling. Rather than prescribing a crown that would have removed a lot of sound tooth, he advised that the bad part of the tooth be replaced with a porcelain onlay. This was done in one visit with the CEREC system. It looks and feels just like a tooth. I would definitely recommend Dr Stevenson Smith as he is a superb dentist, clearly at the cutting edge of his profession.”