Work has been excellent

Elliot is articulate, professional a fault, and very funny. He is careful to avoid recommending treatments that would have marginal benefits or engage in unnecessary procedures. His work has been excellent and at 56, my teeth are in better shape by far than when I first became a patient in 1989. Above all he engenders complete trust.





Free new patient dental exams and x-rays

We offer all new patients a free comprehensive dental exam with x-rays, and a full written treatment plan if any work is necessary.


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Private dentist in Richmond

When talking with new clients, we find there are a number of reasons why they choose to seek a new dental practice. You may be unhappy with the results of your existing dental work, struggling to book a reservation, or you could simply be looking for a more relaxed, friendly environment.

Whatever your reasons, we always begin with an informal chat. You can join us for general dentist check-ups.

Even if you have a dentist already you can visit us to discuss cosmetic dentistry. Our team will listen to your unique case without judgement and recommend bespoke treatment options for you. We will discuss treatment costs with you following your consultation and can offer affordable monthly payments.

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