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perfectly straight thanks to his expertise

From my experience, Dr ESS’s clinical skills and attributes as a dentist are excellent. I had extremely crooked teeth before and now they are perfectly straight thanks to his expertise. His communication throughout my treatment was clear and thorough, and he was always willing to answer any further questions that I had between my scheduled appointments.




  • Most treatments only 6-9 months
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  • Over 6 million patients treated worldwide
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  • Dr Stevenson Smith has treated over 1,000 cases and is a clinical speaker and trainer for Invisalign
Invisalign Adult: i7 – £1650, Lite – £2,750, Full – £3,250


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What Our Patients Say

Richard’s Experience

RichardRichard was typical of my adult patients who wanted straight teeth but without fixed braces or any drilling of the natural teeth. The modern solution is Invisalign – a discreet tooth aligner system dubbed ‘contact lenses for teeth’. This case was done in 2003 and I have done hundreds of similar cases since.

“I had always had a slight cross-over with my top, front teeth. However, by the time I reached   my early forties, this was becoming much more pronounced. Apart from causing some discomfort, I was also becoming quite self conscious and would avoid smiling whenever possible. The prospect of two years of Invisalign was, initially, quite daunting. However, the process passed very quickly. Additionally, as obvious progress is made very quickly, the incentive and motivation to continue is very high.

I have now had perfectly straight teeth for five years and could not be happier with Invisalign and, especially, Elliot Stevenson-Smith who treated me. Once a week, I wear a retainer overnight but otherwise, I forget that my teeth were ever crooked.”



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I had a fantastic result

I was very nervous about doing Invisalign but after my first visit with Dr Stevenson-Smith I felt reassured and confident that i was making the right decision. I had a fantastic result with Invisalign and the overall experience with Dr Stevenson-Smith was excellent.