Are you a bruxist?

Bruxism is a parafunctional activity caused by excessive grinding or clenching of the teeth against each other. It is an involuntary behaviour unrelated to the normal activity of eating or talking and most often occurs during sleep, although some people may also do it during the day.

What is tooth decay?

Decay – To rot or cause to rot as a result of bacterial, fungal, or chemical action; decompose Dental decay or dental caries is a major health problem in most industrialised countries, affecting 60-90% of school children and the vast majority of adults (at some part in their lives).

Periodontal disease

Periodontal (gum) diseases, including gingivitis and periodontitis, are infections that if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss, yet most people don’t experience pain with the condition – stressing the importance of regular dental check-ups.

Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Crowns A crown is a cap placed over the top of your natural tooth to restore it after it has broken to improve both function and aesthetics .Crowns can greatly enhance the appearance of heavily filled, chipped, discoloured or misshapen teeth. In some cases they can be used to correct a misalignment when braces are…


Periodontics Achieving a healthy gum condition is the key issue in the maintenance of good oral health. We know that, unfortunately, about 15% of the population is very susceptible to gum disease and the people in that group could suffer the loss of teeth earlier than necessary if appropriate treatment is not obtained. At Marshgate…


Endodontics When a tooth is severely damaged by tooth decay or trauma the nerve can die and an abscess develops. It is usually possible to salvage the tooth by means of endodontic treatment to clean out the root canal of the tooth and then seal it to prevent re-infection. All the dentists at Marshgate are…


Implants Dental implants have been around for many years, but new technology developed in the 1970s has brought them into mainstream dentistry. The advent of reliable dental implants, using pure titanium which unites with bone, has revolutionised the dental rehabilitation of patients who have lost teeth. At Marshgate Dental Practice we offer the following range…