Teeth Whitening

At Marshgate Dental, we use the latest American whitening gels that are worn in custom fitted dental trays for just one to two hours per day.

This gives fast and comfortable results that are better than either laser whitening or overnight whitening.

Professional Home Whitening

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Place a small amount (equal to a match head) of whitening gel in the front part of the tray. Repeat for each tooth.
  2. Insert tray into mouth, wiping any excess gel away. (=Too much)
  3. Wear for four hours, but ideally.
  4. Remove tray in the morning and clean teeth as usual.
  5. Repeat daily or every other day for 10-15 times until happy with the colour or it has reached its maximum whiteness. (usually after 3 syringes)
  6. Keep any unused gel in the fridge ready for topping up as required.

NB Avoid strong coloured food and drink whilst whitening teeth. i.e. tea, coffee, curry etc…

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